Walker County 4-H Club
Walker County 4-H shooting club coach Michelle Prehoda with a student. (Credit: Tom Waddill, the Huntsville Item)

Mark Short and Michelle Prehoda don’t want kids to learn how to fire a shotgun, they want them to learn how to fire a shotgun properly.

The duo has been teaching children in the Walker County 4-H Club how to handle a shotgun responsibly and even how to successfully compete in shotgun-based competitions since 2010.

“A lot of the kids want to progress. Some of them want to be hunters and some want to be competitors, so we try to help them in any way they want,” Short told the Huntsville Item.

Short takes the beginning members and teaches them the basic fundamentals and safety, while Prehoda takes the experienced members and tries to help them hone their skills.

The Texas club’s 45 members, 10 of whom actively compete, refer to the 4-H Club as more of a “family” than anything else.

Any member of the 4-H Club — between third and 12th grade — interested in joining the shotgun club should contact Kristy Titzman at 936-435-2426.

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