Jackson County Sheriff's Office gun safety
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office gun safety course (CREDIT: WAAY31)

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama has started a series of gun safety courses for women in the area.

The course  begins June 7. It created after the sheriff’s office “received a number of requests from women who want deputies to teach them how to use firearms they own,” according to WAAY 31.

More then 1,000 rapes and 20,000 domestic violence cases are reported each year in Alabama, according to the Alabama Criminal Justice Department.

“Just being a girl and being in the world and hearing about bad things that happen, it just brings peace to me that I know that if I have to use my weapon, I’m going to know how to use it appropriately,” resident Brandy Redoblado told WAAY 31.

For more information on the gun safety course, call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at (256) 574-2610.

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