By Lone Wolf implementing linear cuts on the top and sides of the slide and porting forward of the ejection port, the slide is made lighter. The Lone Wolf Slide Pattern #4 includes some of the most frequently demanded aesthetics. It also includes 45 degree cuts on the right, left, and rear of the slide which will give your pistol a more modern custom look. Add a unique look to your LWD slide by having Lone Wolf custom machine it.

* Machining only available on Glock aftermarket stainless steel slides.
* Pattern will look slightly different on different length slides.
* SLIDE NOT INCLUDED, $174.95 includes machine work only.
* All machine cuts are exclusive to LWD stainless steel slides.
* Machining only available on solid top slides (slides with no “coffin cuts” on top)
* After machining, the slide has little to no room for custom engraving.

For more information on the Slide Pattern #4, visit:

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