The new MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Sporting Rifle Gen II contains the original features fans loved, including a short stroke piston design, user located side rails, a side folder 6 – position polymer buttstock, locked bolt action, full length top rail, angled foregrip and a non-reciprocating, side charging handle with forward-assist. The MPAR556 Gen II Sporting Rifle is compatible with AR15 / M16 magazines and is available in 5.56×45 (.223) caliber. The sporting rifle has a 16” black nitride barrel with a 1:9 twist and weighs 7.8 lbs. unloaded.

This new drop-in feature stops the bolt from closing after the last round of the magazine has been fired. There is also no button required to release the bolt stop when a fresh magazine with ammunition has been inserted into the lower. Simply pull back on the charging handle to release pressure from the bolt against the stop and then release the handle to allow the bolt to strip the next round from the magazine. This feature can be installed for all MPAR weapons that did not include this feature when manufactured.

MPA has completed a design on a new aluminum extruded handguard for the MPAR556 Gen II Sporting Rifle. This one piece extrusion is lighter and stronger than the previous clam shell design and allows better ventilation and cooling for rapid fire.

MPA’s new adjustable gas block has a stem adjustment rod to provide four different settings of gas flow through the piston system. The adjustment stem is located through the front handguard cap for easy access by the shooter.

The MPAR barrels have been upgraded to black nitride, which provides a hard, durable and corrosion resistant surface to the OD and ID of the barrel. Nitriding impregnates the material and is not a coating. No loss of accuracy as compared to hard chrome lining.

Disassembly remains user friendly. This American Made gun is available in multiple colors and offers the MasterPiece Arms Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is $1,089.00.

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