Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant stated that gun permit applicants who go online to apply, are also able to apply for a concealed-carry permit using the same system. Effective immediately, people with internet access who wish to obtain a concealed-carry permit can now do so online. Previously, applicants had to make three trips to the sheriff’s office in order to pickup their paperwork, schedule an appointment and to pickup their permit. Now, only two trips are needed as the online application reduces the paperwork and applicants can schedule their own appointment.

Regardless of whether an applicant applies online or in person, the same state and federal laws apply. Whisenant said the move to put concealed permits online accommodates a rising number in applications. Applications for concealed carry permits rose 80 percent in 2013, and this year’s applications are status quo with 2013 figures. Since Sept. 1, 1,616 gun permits were issued to 1,147 people in Burke County. Twenty-eight percent utilized the online application process. In 2012, 772 citizens (537 new applicants; 235 renewals) applied for concealed carry permits. Those numbers rose to 977 new applicants and 315 renewals in 2013. Whisenant said he expects the number of online concealed carry applicants to be similar to the gun permit applicants.

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