Heizer PS1
The Heizer PS1 stainless steel pocket shotgun.

A look at new products from the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS.


European American Armory Witness Pavona 9mm new products
The European American Armory Witness Pavona 9mm.

As is well known, women are the gun industry’s fastest-growing demographic. Not content to paint a gun pink and call it “ladies only,” European American Armory (EAA) set about designing a handgun specifically tuned to meet the needs of the growing female firearms market. The result is the Witness Pavona, a compact, easy-to-load, easy-to-control 9mm semi-auto. Ergonomically advanced, the Pavona features a distinct, smooth polymer frame with integral checkering and sculptured, contoured lines. The Pavona is also colorfully packaged, with customers having their choice of a pink, purple, sapphire, charcoal or black metal-flake-sparkled frame (eaacorp.com).

For more information on the Witness Pavona 9mm and other products from European American Armory, please visit EAAcorp.com.



Gun Box
The Gun Box.

In a home-invasion scenario every second is precious, and speedy access to your firearm is essential. The Gun Box, designed and developed by master engineer Ryan Hyde, opens automatically with the touch of a fingerprint (programmed by the user) or a swipe of the included microchip-bearing ring or wristband. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the Gun Box can withstand up to 24,000 pounds-per-square-inch of pressure and temperatures over 1,000-degrees Fahrenheit. And with its thin, artful, clamshell dimensions, it can be discreetly and easily hidden from view. The Gun Box also includes an integrated alert system that emits via text message immediate notification should it be moved or tampered with. A neoprene interior lining keeps your firearm held securely in place and prevents scratching (thegunbox.com).

For more information on the Gun Box, please visit TheGunBox.com.



The ultimate backup thundergun, the Heizer PS1 stainless steel pocket shotgun offers users .410-gauge power in an easily concealable yet heavy-duty package. A break-top action single shot, the PS1 accepts both .45 ACP pistol rounds and 000 buckshot .410-gauge shotshell. A quick-release lever opens the action, and an internal extractor raises the spent shell for a quick reload. Space is provided inside the grip for storing two additional rounds. The PS1 is available in desert tan, black, brown, pink and polished stainless steel (heizerdefense.com).

For more information on the PS1 and other products from Heizer, please visit HeizerDefense.com.



Liberty Safe SafElert
The Liberty Safe SafElert firearm safe monitor.

The SafElert firearm safe monitor, made by well-known safe-maker Liberty Safe, allows users to monitor the status of their safe, regardless of the brand, from nearly anywhere in the world. Measuring a compact 3 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch, the SafElert can be easily (and discreetly) fit into nearly any size of storage compartment. Should your safe be tampered with, jostled, moved or overheated, the SafElert will alert you immediately via email or text message. All the user needs is a wireless router, a safe or similar storage compartment, and something worth keeping one’s eye on 24/7 (libertysafe.com).

For more information on the SafElert and other products from Liberty Safe, please visit LibertySafe.com.



Midwest Gun Works VZ Grip
Midwest Gun Works VZ Grips

Midwest Gun Works (MGW), a gunsmith and firearms parts and accessories provider located proudly in Pevely, Missouri, is now manufacturing top-of-the-line VZ Grips. Machined from G10 and Micarta, MGW’s impeccably finished VZ Grips both look and feel great, offering users a solid and secure gripping surface for handling and shooting their 1911 handguns. MGW’s VZ Grips, offered in an array of colors and textures, are made to fit a wide variety of 1911s, both full size and compact, including the Beretta 92 Gunner, the Colt Mustang, the Para P14 and the CZ-75 (midwestgunworks.com).

For more information on the VZ grips and other products from Midwest Gun Works, please visit MidwestGunWorks.com.



Say goodbye to the days of wondering how many rounds you have left in your magazine. With the Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter, a digital shot tabulator integrated into a specialized Radetec grip (configured not unlike a laser grip), users can closely track their shot count, receiving a shot-to-shot tally of the number of rounds remaining in the magazine as well as the total number of rounds fired. Just place the provided Radetec follower in the magazine, install the grips, and you’re good to go. Two followers, a battery and grips are included with purchase (radetec.com).

For more information on the AmmoControl Digital Counter and other products from Radetec, please visit Radetec.com.

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