Patriot Protection is dedicated to providing professional firearms training coupled with tactical concepts to prepare students for real life confrontations moreover, providing the ultimate training experience to civilians that previously was only available to the Police and Military in its 10,000 square foot shoothouse.

Students use real firearms utilizing an accurate, non-lethal, lead free, cartridge marking system known as the UTM Man Marker Round (MMR). The Man Marker Round delivers a significantly higher reliability over other paint marking systems, while delivering unprecedented accuracy with a safe engagement distance of only 1 meter for realistic force on force target training. A “Pain Penalty” adds stress to training by providing the threat of consequence with physical and visual stimulus essential to combative skill building, movement skills, tactics, and other interactive
fire training.

9mm, .38, .357, and .556 rounds and weapon conversions are available for a wide variety of weapons which allows for a completely unique ability to use the actual weapons owned by the students, compared to other training solutions that require the students to use altered training weapons.
Weapons have normal recoil and function and are ideal for magazine change and weapons transition drills.

Patriot Protection is the only Dallas/Ft Worth force on force reality based training center providing defensive firearms and tactics training. Facilities include a 3000 square foot tactical training house, a 2000 square foot CQB/CQD area, six training rooms, two classrooms, and two vehicles for carjacking and traffic stop scenarios. Training realism is distinctly superior to airsoft or paintball courses, and the MMR technology is consistently more reliable and accurate than other paint marker firearm systems.

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