When unexpected trouble shows up, simply pull the dual siren alarm from the keychain. The SABRE Personal Alarms provide a simple, inexpensive way to help protect yourself while on the go. The 110 decibel alarm creates just the disruption needed to help chase trouble away, it is simple to use, easy to carry and ready at a moment’s notice. The SABRE Personal Alarm is great for college students, moms, runners, seniors, and service industry personnel. The Personal Alarms look like memory sticks on a key chain. When activated, a 110 dB alarm is sounded, plus the alarm can be heard up to 300 feet. The Personal Alarm can be easily attached to a keychain, bag, backpack or purse.

* 110 dB Alarm
* Sleekest, Most Modern Personal Alarm Design
* Looks Like Memory Stick
* Remove Alarm from Key Chain to Sound
* Audible up to 300′ (100 m)
* Dual Sire Design
* Attaches to Bag, Backpack, Keychain or Purse for Easy Access
* Requires 4xLR44 Batteries (Included)

The Personal Alarms MSRP is between $9.99 and $14.99, and available in several colors.

Family owned and operated since 1975, Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) is the manufacturer of SABRE Home Series, Protector Dog Attack spray, Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent and SABRE and SABRE RED personal & professional pepper sprays. A dedication to innovation coupled with a commitment to producing the safest and most effective products has made SEC the industry leader in personal and professional safety products.

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