It didn’t take many attempts for Remington to successfully infiltrate the concealed carry handgun market. In fact, it only took one attempt.

The all new Remington R51 took a piece of Remington’s past operating system (circa 1918 to 1927) and modernized it for today in a unique way that will keep pocket pistol enthusiasts extremely happy.

The R51 is a single-action only (SAO), hammer fired, semi-automatic pistol with a grip safety and fixed barrel. Thanks to a redesigned Pedersen locking-block mechanism, the new R51 is chambered for 9mm +P with a 7+1 round capacity. The Pedersen breechblock operates with a combination of straight blowback and locked breech in what could be described as delayed blowback.

The advantages of this operating system are significant. By combining blowback and locked-breech operation, the R51 offers a smaller profile with an extremely low bore axis that can handle higher pressure and provides significant recoil reduction. Another advantage is that a lighter recoil spring can be used, making the slide much easier to manipulate.

The steel slide has a matte black finish and is topped off with drift-adjustable front and rear three-dot sights. The frame is lightweight aluminum instead of polymer. The fixed barrel is made from 416 stainless steel.

The triggerguard has an undercut allowing a higher grip on the frame, and the pistol also features a fully functional slide lock/release and an ambidextrous magazine release.

The MSRP on the R51 is $420. Currently, the R51 is available in 9mm, but Remington plans on developing a .40 model.

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