How fast can someone shoot with Rock Island Armory’s TCM 22 Midsize Standard or TCM 22 VZ Midsize?

Real fast.

Actually, according to Rock Island Armory, the 22 TCM round is “the fastest production handgun cartridge for a semi-automatic handgun on the market today.” The TCM 22 round can hit close to 2,100 feet-per-second using the full-size TCM 22 VZ with a 5-inch barrel.

Rock Island took the full-size model down to a 4.25-inch barrel for the midsize model, which hits almost 2,000 feet-per-second using the TCM 22 round.

There are two versions of the TCM 22 midsize model: the Midsize Standard and the VZ.

Both models have a 17 + 1 capacity. They are outfitted with an original Armscor cartridge creating excellent muzzle energy and light recoil making this a truly unique high-capacity pistol. The TCM 22 Midsize Standard and the TCM 22 VZ both weigh 2.5 pounds unloaded and 3.12 pounds loaded.

The TCM 22 Midsize Standard has adjustable sights, including a snag-free tactical front sight and a windage/elevation adjustable dovetail rear sight. The Midsize Standard also features inexpensive plastic grips, a combat hammer and combat trigger.

The VZ model uses VZ G10 material on the grips, a big upgrade from the Midsize Standard. It also features an orange fiber optic front sight and a tactical adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous safeties and a rail.

Joining the two midsize versions in the TCM 22 family are the aforementioned TCM 22 VZ Fullsize, along with the TCM 22 Target and the TCM 22 Micro Mag.

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