The Seahorse SE710 is the latest protective case to undergo slight aesthetic re-design. The case will have the following design changes: An overlapping outer lip, the oval label are is now a rectangle (3.5″ x 2.0″), and the curved ribs on the top lid have been straightened. These changes will have no effect on the interior dimensions yet, will provide a better aesthetic and additional support for the lid.

*NOTE- the new design cases will modify the label size and shape. Please note that new label area is 3.5″ x 2.0″.

* Automatic pressure purge system
* Molded-in padlock holes (Fits standard size Masterlocks)
* Available with latches with keyed chrome metal locks or plastic non-corrosive locks
* Available with easy-to-install waterproof panel kits supplied with o-rings and screws

* Black
* Gun Metal Gray
* Safety Yellow (OSHA)
* International Orange (SOLAS)


The SE710 will be available on the week of May 20th!

For more information on the SE170, visit:

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