Matt Numrich Rockford Elite Defense Systems
Matt Numrich of Rockford’s Elite Defense Systems.

To give women the necessary tools to protect themselves in the event of an attack, the Illinois-based Elite Defense Systems will be holding a two-hour seminar entitled “Lose Weight, Gain Confidence and Feel Safe with Martial Arts and Self-Defense.”

The self-defense seminar will be hosted by instructor Matt Numrich, founder of Elite Defense Systems, on May 31 from 1 to 3 p.m.

According to the Rock River Times, the self-defense seminar will focus on the following:

  • Seven easy self-defense tools that can be used to escape bigger and stronger opponents;
  • What to do if someone grabs you from behind, tackles you down on the ground, or assaults you with a weapon;
  • How to protect yourself and your loved ones while finding out another great and fun way to break a sweat; and
  • How to build an easy and quick workout program to get in shape, while you learn to defend yourself.

The seminar will cost $19. Elite Defense Systems is located at 5695 Strathmoor Drive in Rockford, Ill.

For more information, please contact Numrich at (815) 885-4758 or email him at [email protected].

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