The best way to demonstrate the capabilities of Gaston Glock’s innovative, reliable and accurate autopistol is to shoot it openly in competition and let the results speak for themselves. And no group of professionals is better prepared to do the shooting than the three outstanding shooters who comprise Team GLOCK.


KC Eusebio Team GLOCK | Captain International Champion
KC Eusebio Team GLOCK | Captain International Champion

“Growing up, I remember sitting in my father’s garage, using a GLOCK Armorers’ Mat to clean our guns while surrounded by GLOCK posters on the walls,” the California-born Eusebio said. “I was amazed at how impressive they looked, and now here I am, getting to shoot and work for that same, great company. I truly feel blessed to be honored with this opportunity.” In addition to the thrill and challenge of competing, Eusebio enjoys demonstrating to all and sundry that firearms are both safe and a great pastime for families, and he never fails to spend time and talk with the parents and kids who show up to watch him dominate a competitive event. As an athlete, his training isn’t confined only to the range, and to stay fit Eusebio practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But the captain of Team GLOCK feels most at home when he has a GLOCK in his hand and steel targets in his sights.


Team GLOCK | Tori Nonaka

Tori has competed in various disciplines, including USPSA, SCSA, IPSC, IDPA, Bianchi and GSSF. Some of her early wins include the titles of USPSA National Juniors Champion in Limited 10 competition, the U.S. Steel National Super Junior and IDPA National Junior Champion. In the years since, Tori has taken home top honors as the 2013 USPSA limited 10 National Ladies Champion, Area 6 Top Production Lady and High Junior, Pro-AM High Junior, High A Class in the Limited Division and captured the National Limited 10 Ladies Championship.


Team GLOCK | Michelle Viscusi

While in the middle of a year-and-a-half deployment with the Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force run out of Fort Huachuca in Arizona, Michelle took the opportunity to compete on The History Channel’s hit series Top Shot with 17 other, more-experienced shooters.

Not quite making it to the final round, Michelle realized that, to get to the next level competitively, she would have to intensify her training and commitment. “On Top Shot, I knew I was cast as an underdog with a military background,” Michelle said. “But after I started shooting successfully against competitors with much more experience, I realized I could become a serious shooter.” Team Glock captain KC Eusebio, impressed by her talent and character, scouted her during a match and worked with her to hone her shooting skills. Her motivation, discipline and athleticism come not only from her military experience, but also from the 11 years she spent as a competitive gymnast. “While I am new to competitive shooting,” Michelle said, “I am not new to the world of competitive sports.”

Supported not with membership dues and match registration fees but by GLOCK alone, the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) exists for the express purpose of advancing the safe, fun and family-oriented use of GLOCK firearms in shooting sports. Since its establishment in 1991, the GSSF has accelerated its growth with new programs such as the social networking and shooter-support program GLOCK ID. The GLOCK ID network helps shooters compare, contrast and share with other GLOCK owners and shooters information and stories of their pistols, shooting skills and history. The wWhile an excellent entry-level competitive venue, the GSSF also provides opportunities for shooters of all skill levels and experience to compete in simple but challenging courses of fire, offering divisions for Amateur-, Master- and Guardian-level shooting. The GSSF does not require you to employ the expensive equipment and extensive training often demanded by other firearms competitions. A shooter can show up at a GSSF match with eye and ear protection, 100 rounds of ammo and a GLOCK and immediately begin competing on a level field against similar shooters. The GSSF organizes more than 40 outdoor and approximately 300 indoor shooting matches each year. In 2012, GSSF received more than 25,000 match entries nationwide and in March 2013 celebrated its 100,000th member. The only requirements for entry are membership in GSSF and a GLOCK pistol. All entrants, whatever their level of competition, have the opportunity to win cash prizes and GLOCK pistols.

Team GLOCK gives shooters the chance to see firsthand that GLOCKs are not only the best service and self-defense pistols(Click Here to read and see videos of New Glock 41 Gen4 and Glock 42 | VIDEO) in the world, but match winners as well. Over the past several shooting seasons, Team GLOCK has been the team to beat in almost every major American action-shooting competition. In 2013 alone, as of this writing, Team GLOCK has won top honors at the U.S. National Steel Championship and the West Coast Steel Challenge. In addition, Team GLOCK has gone international, competing in and winning the 2013 Jamaican Invitational Pistol Tournament, the 2013 German Steel Masters, the European Steel Challenge in the Netherlands and the 2013 Australasia International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) competition in New Zealand.

The shooters who make up team GLOCK, KC Eusebio, Tori Nonaka and Michelle Viscusi, cannot succeed without one vital component—the polymer-framed replacement for the Austrian P.38 sidearm that rocked the firearms industry with its innovative engineering. An object of some derision when introduced in the 1980s, it’s now in use worldwide by military, law enforcement and civilians; and just about every major handgun manufacturer now makes a polymer-framed pistol. Undoubtedly, as it competes all over the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia, Team GLOCK will continue to demonstrate, with results undeniable, that their chosen firearm is a world-class design destined to go down as the most significant sidearm in firearms history.

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