Fashion designer Sarah Church, founder of her own eponymous clothing line, is just one designer whose creations have been featured at the Firearms and Fashion Show, an event held in Chicago that showcases how to incorporate items of self-defense into your wardrobe. One of Church’s designs is a $165 front-zip hoodie dress that comes in black and green. ‘This is a dress you could wear anywhere, anytime,’ she told the Chicago Tribune. ‘And when you’re carrying a gun underneath, no one will know it.’ Fashion designers are cashing in on new state laws allowing concealed weapons by creating clothes and accessories for the purpose of hiding guns.

The second annual Chicago event was hosted by Marilyn Smolenski, who runs online retailer Nickel and Lace, and former police officer Karen Bartuch, who started AlphaGirls. Both entrepreneurs explained that the show has the purpose of helping women realize they can be fashionable at the same time as carrying arms. ‘This is about getting women to think about self-protection,’ said Ms Bartuch. ‘We are girly girls who like fashion, but we like guns too.’

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