ArmsBand Concealed Carry Holster
ArmsBand Concealed Carry Holster

The ArmsBand Concealed Carry Holster is a unique new product which straps the handgun to the underside of the upper arm. This enables easy cross draw under a short sleeved shirt. To draw safely, ArmsBand recommends the muzzle be kept pointed away from the body and limbs of the end user. Watch the video, along with another short clip demonstrating how to mount and perform a stealthy draw, below.

This holster is compatible with a number of different smaller handguns, including the Kel-Tec P3AT, Kel-Tec P32, Ruger LCP, Taurus 732, and Taurus 738. ArmsBand will soon unveil a larger pocket version for use with Glock subcompacts, Kel-Tec P11 and Kel-Tec PF9, Ruger LC9, Taurus Millennium Pro Series, Kimber Solo, Beretta Nano, Kahr CM9, Kahr CW9, Kahr CM40, Sig P290 and others.

“Like most of us who see the need to carry a concealed weapon, I’ve tried a variety of carry rigs, guns and methods,” said owner Bill Davis. “None of them were completely satisfactory for every need.

“When I thought of the possibility of strapping a small pistol to my upper arm, the idea seemed worth pursuing,” David continues. “Arriving at an implementation that could be produced, patented, and marketed was more difficult than I anticipated, but the idea of a carry method that would work in hot, humid climates and with minimal clothing, was so enticing that I continued until I had developed the ArmsBand.”

The ArmsBand Concealed Carry Holster is available at a retail price of $34.95. See below for a list of compatible gun models.

Gun Models for ArmsBand 4.5 inch pockets

  • Accu-Tek: AT.380 II
  • AMI: .380 Backup
  • AMT: .22, .380 backup
  • Armscor: M206 Revolver
  • Autaugua: .32 ACP
  • Beretta: 22 Caliber, 25 Caliber
  • Browning: Baby Browning
  • Charter Arms: .38 Special undercover series
  • Colt: Agent .38 Special Revolver
  • Diamondback: DB.380
  • FEG: PA 63
  • Israeli Arms International (IAI): 0.380
  • I.O: Helicat .380
  • Kahr: P.380
  • Kel Tec: P32 .32 Auto, P3AT .380
  • Llama: .380 (small 1911 style)
  • Magnum Research: Micro Desert Eagle .380
  • N. American Arms: .32 ACP, .380 ACP, .32 NAA
  • Rohrbaugh: R-9, 0.380, Robar
  • Rossi: Snub nose .38 Special
  • Ruger: LCP .380, LCR 38 Special
  • Seecamp: LWS .380, LWS .32
  • Sig Sauer: P238 .380
  • Smith & Wesson: Bodyguard .38 Special, Bodyguard .380, J-frame revolvers (virtually all)
  • Taurus: PT 738 .380, PT 732, Model 85 Revolvers, Model 22 including new 22 PLY, Model 25 (all)
  • Walther: PPK

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