San Antonio-based firearms manufacturer Blaser is expanding their popular line of F3 shotguns with a new shotgun designed specifically for women. The Blaser Ladies F3 shotgun features the patented F3 receiver — renowned for its reliability and precision, as well as a trigger which is second to none — and the unique Speedbump recoil system by Ken Rucker.

According to the press release, Ken’s Speedbump recoil system provides optimized recoil management while offering adjustable length of pull, cast, comb height and the way in which the stock fits into the shoulder of the end user. A combination of all of these elements results in ideal weight and balance, as well as a degree of technical proficiency not typically found in other sporting guns.

The length of pull on the Blaser Ladies F3 shotgun is adjustable from 13½” to 14⅝”. In addition, this shotgun features a 4 way adjustable comb and can be setup as extractor or ejector, the former of which allows for easier opening and closing of the action.

“With the tremendous success of the F3 Competition line we are extremely excited to add the Ladies version to our product portfolio. This addition gives us the opportunity to broaden our reach to this ever growing segment of the shooting market,” states Blaser CEO Christian Socher.

The Blaser F3 Ladies shotgun is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $7995.

For more information about the Ladies F3 Shotgun, and the full range of products currently offered by Blaser, please visit

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