Christensen Arms announced that all frames and slides for their line of stainless and titanium 1911 pistols will be manufactured in-house.

Christensen Arms, a Utah-based manufacturer of hunting, tactical and sport shooting firearms which use high-quality aerospace materials and carbon fiber technologies, announced that they will now manufacture all frames and slides for their line of stainless and titanium 1911 pistols at their Utah facility. With this announcement, the 1911 shooter and collector can now be assured that their handgun will come with all the technological advantages of Christensen’s manufacturing facility, while also retaining expert craftsmanship at an affordable price.

“Our 1911 line exudes the traditional styling of the original design coupled with custom touches and premium parts, which we can now offer at a lower price for our customers,” Jason Christensen said. “By creating our 1911 frames and slides in-house we have greater control over the entire production and we can pass the savings on to our customers.”

As the press release notes, Christensen Arms’ line of 1911 pistols are available in stainless steel and lightweight titanium. These 1911s come packed with a host of exciting features, including custom serrations on the stainless steel slide and hand-fit components like the VZ G10 grips. The front of the grip has 30 LPI checking for a positive grip. The 1911s also come with match-grade barrels, premium adjustable triggers, a number of different tritium night sights and a variety of Cerakote finish options.

The 1911 stainless pistol line in Government, Commander, Officer and Tactical Government and Commander pistol models can now be purchased with a new MSRP.

For more information about the new frames and slides for the stainless and titanium 1911 pistol line, and the full range of products currently offered by Christensen Arms, please visit

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