Dan Wesson 715 Revolver
Dan Wesson 715 Revolver

Firearms manufacturer Dan Wesson, which is currently a subsidiary of CZ-USA, announced they are resuming production of their popular 715 revolver, beginning in late summer 2014.

Designed for accuracy and versatility, the rugged Dan Wesson 715 is chambered in .357 Magnum and ships with a six-inch barrel. It uses a new heavy vent shroud, designated the HV6, which tames the .357’s recoil. The double-action/single-action 715 also has a short, relatively light trigger which made it a favorite among hunters and competitive shooters.

The end user can easily swap out barrel assemblies and grips. Indeed, the 715 is compatible with grips and barrel/shroud assemblies from 15-2 model and newer revolvers.

According to the product listing, the original Dan Wesson revolver improves upon the service life and accuracy of the traditional double action revolver design. The DW interchangeable barrel system has a tensioned barrel which enhances accuracy and enables it to vibrate at the same frequency every time. Meanwhile, the forward crane latch ensures the cylinder and barrel are properly aligned during firing.

The 715 has a clockwise-rotating cylinder, which reduces stress on the crane by virtue of the fact that it turns in the same direction the crane locks.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the Dan Wesson 715 revolver is $1,168.00. Each revolver is shipped in a custom Dan Wesson hard case which also has compartments for three barrel assemblies and a barrel wrench kit.

For more information about the Dan Wesson 715 revolver, and the full range of firearms offered by Dan Wesson, please visit http://www.cz-usa.com

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