Denver Police District 1 (pictured) is hosting a free self-defense workshop for girls and women ages 10 years old and up.

Denver Police District 1 — which is located in the NorthWest quadrant of Denver — is hosting a free self-defense workshop for girls and women ages 10 years and up.

As North Denver News reports, the class is a combination of informational and hands-on lessons. Participants will learn basic awareness concepts and methods of avoiding potentially dangerous situations. They’ll practice balance, movement, and easy strikes & kicks, in addition to other physical skills. Students are required to wear workout clothes and shoes. They will also have to bring their own water and snack, as there is no lunch break during the three-hour course.

The free workshop will take place Saturday, June 28 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Highland Recreation Center in Denver. See below for additional details, via North Denver News.

    • Participants need to wear workout-type clothing & shoes (no slip-ons)
    • Participants should bring their own water & something to snack on—NO LUNCH BREAK during the 3hr course
    • All participants will sign a waiver & all minors must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian
    • The class consists of part lecture & part hands-on.
    • The class will cover basic awareness concepts & ways to avoid potential trouble.
    • Students will learn about balance, movement, practical & easy to learn strikes & kicks & other basic physical skills.
    • The importance of having the proper mindset is emphasized throughout the class.
    • Women who cannot do the physical part of the class are still welcome to attend


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