GoVolt — an Atlanta-based manufacturer of electronics and gear for outdoor use — has introduced the second flashlight in their G Series of flashlights: the G1000.

The G1000 Flashlight from GoVolt utilizes two 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries and comes with a duel charger. There are five modes of operation: high, low, candlelight, strobe and SOS. The strobe mode serves a couple of different purposes. Firstly, it is useful for emergencies in case of car trouble. Secondly, it is effective at disorienting a person, making it useful in case of a home invasion or when facing an attacker out in public. SOS is the international Morse code distress signal. Therefore, SOS mode is perfect for those on a boat, or indeed, any outdoor activity.

Another appealing feature of the G1000 is the zoom focus. To use this feature, the end user simply has to push the head of the flashlight for a narrow focus that produces a high-intensity spot beam. Conversely, the user can slide the head of the flashlight back for a wide focus which will brighten up a larger area.

The G1000 flashlight by GoVolt is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $89.99.

GoVolt manufactures a number of different outdoor products, including the G5 and G1000 flashlights and solar power and storage products. Simply put, if you want to go off the grid, go with GoVolt.

For more information about the G1000 Flashlight, and the full range of products which are currently offered by GoVolt, please visit

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