Providence College selected IBA's 'In Case of Crisis' as their go-to emergency app for campus safety.
Providence College selected IBA's 'In Case of Crisis' as their go-to emergency app for campus safety.

Irving Burton Associates — a firm which provides IT, budget & finance, and management services to government and commercial clients — has announced that their In Case of Crisis emergency preparedness mobile app has been selected for use by Providence College. Beginning this fall, In Case of Crisis will provide the 5000+ faculty, staff and students at the university with real-time emergency plans and procedures, as well as incident reporting capabilities during emergencies.

According to the press release, the app will provide information on what to do in a variety of different situations, including actions to take in cases of fire, severe weather and other emergencies. An incident reporting feature enables the campus community to communicate information in a fast manner. It also provides an anonymous environment for students to ask questions and look for information.

“We needed a mobile app to help instruct our community about crisis situations, e.g., fire, weather, personal emergencies, including our on and off-campus students,” said Koren Kanadanian, Director of Emergency Management, Providence College. “Previously, we relied on flip charts, department meetings and printed materials for emergency preparedness. These methods were limited, as materials were often lost or outdated and it was difficult to share plans and procedures easily with students.”

The In Case of Crisis mobile app allows for easy access to emergency information using features like easy-to-read instructional and building diagrams, one-tap key contact calling, push notifications for updates/alerts, maps and incident reporting. A library of 85 emergency event scenarios, complete with templates and images, is also available via the library on the app.

“We are pleased to work with Providence College as they work to extend their emergency management efforts and offer their entire campus community plans and procedures on mobile devices,” said Christopher Britton, General Manager, IBA’s In Case of Crisis. “As students’ and faculty’s usage of mobile phones increases it was important to make safety information available to them in real-time at their fingertips.”

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