Officer Corey Roberts (Photo Credit: Tactical Insights LLC)
Officer Corey Roberts (Photo Credit: Tactical Insights LLC)

A police officer is set to teach a self defense class to residents in Eastern Iowa.

As the Gazette reports, Officer Corey Roberts of the Monticello Police Department has created the four-hour Practical Self Defense training course as a way to inform people about non-lethal tools for protection.

“The course is designed for anyone out there whether they choose to carry a weapon or not,” Roberts said. “There is such a huge focus on firearms and concealed carry today that I worry we’ve decided a gun is the only alternative for self-defense. There are other options here.”

Roberts will offer the course through his company, Tactical Insights LLC.

According to the Gazette, the course teaches attendees how to avoid an attack, what to do if attacked, and proper use of pepper spray and escape techniques.

“There essentially are two ways to stop an aggressor — physiologically and psychologically,” Roberts said. “I really like pepper spray because it combines both. In addition to the physiological effect, it has a powerful psychological effect. If you display pepper spray, the attacker has to decide is this attack really worth it?”

Students will each get a kit which contains three inert pepper spray canisters to be used during the class, a live pepper spray canister on a keychain to take home, a safety manual and a certificate of completion.

The course will be offered to anyone ages 13 and up of any physical ability. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

“Everyone gets something out of it, regardless of any physical limitations,” Roberts said.

Roberts spent 20 years in the Iowa National Guard. He joined the Monticello Police Department in 2006. He is also a member of the Jones County Emergency Response Team (JCERT). He is also an Afghanistan war veteran.

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