Knife Rights is auctioning off "Standing Our Ground" a custom-made collaboration bowie knife with a scrimshawed ivory handle, to raise funds to fight the ivory ban.

Knife Rights has announced plans to auction off “Standing Our Ground” — a custom-made collaboration bowie knife with a scrimshawed ivory handle — in order to raise funds to fight the government’s retroactive ban on the domestic sale and trade of legal pre-ban ivory (which means it arrived before the import bans of 1975 and 1990).

According to the press release, this ban means that all currently legal ivory in the country, including any item (gun, knife, musical instrument, etc.) decorated with even the smallest bit of ivory, will be illegal to sell unless proper documentation is provided, thereby “taking” billions of dollars of investments from millions of Americans. In addition, sellers accused by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be considered guilty until they prove their innocence, another blow to citizens’ civil rights. Despite the high cost to honest Americans, not a single living elephant will be saved, and many experts in Africa believe it will contribute to an increase in the slaughter by poachers.

Knife Rights, along with a coalition of 31 other organizations, including the NRA and SCI, is working to stop this ban and roll the rules back to what they were prior to February of this year, rules that have worked successfully for decades.

Doug Bandow, of the CATO Institute, has written an excellent article on that explains all about the devastating effects the Administration’s Domestic Ban on Sale and Trade in Pre-Ban Ivory (previously imported legally into the U.S.) will have on millions of Americans and the world’s elephant herds.

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