A local Florida homeowner shot one of four intruders during a home invasion in which the suspects were looking for money and prescription drugs.

According to the Tampa Tribune, a man, two women and a baby were inside the house when the intruders entered the home at 4 a.m. They demanded $1,600 in cash and prescription pills. The four intruders beat one of the women and pointed a gun at the baby, the sheriff’s office said.

The man managed to retrieve his shotgun during the chaos and pointed it at the suspects, telling them to leave or he would shoot. They refused to leave, and a gun battle occurred.

The wounded intruder, identified as Steven Reverdes, 33, of New Port Richey, crawled outside, where he was later found hiding under a car. Two other suspects, Michael Reverdes, 31, of New Port Richey, and Joseph Rich, 23, of New Port Richey, were also arrested. All three have been charged with armed home invasion. The fourth man has not been found.

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, the house was specifically targeted. The occupants of the home and the home invaders were familiar with each other.

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