Maine's new trigger lock giveaway program is popular in the state's southern region. (Photo: YouTube)

A trigger lock giveaway program is gaining popularity in Maine’s southern region.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the program aims to promote gun safety by distributing the trigger locks to residents statewide.

Police said demand for the trigger locks is very high in southern Maine, while citizens in the central and northern parts of the state have not demonstrated much interest for the program.

The program started on June 12, with 5,000 locks being distributed to police departments across the state. Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck told the Daily News that the trigger lock giveaway program is a hit with local residents.

“We can’t keep them on the shelves. We’ve ordered another 4,000,” Sauschuck said.

Meanwhile, other areas are not responding with as much enthusiasm. Old Town Police Chief Don O’Halloran said only a “couple dozen” trigger locks have been given out. Aroostook County Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Deputy Darrell Crandall and Lt. Wesley D. Hussey of Maine State Police Troop E in Bangor each said no citizens have ordered the trigger locks, according to the Daily News.

Still, Crandall remains hopeful the program will take off.

“I use [trigger locks] at home. I’m a hunter and a firearm enthusiast, and I always keep locks on my firearms [when I’m not using them],” Crandall said. “You can never be too careful.”

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