A cyclist was robbed at gunpoint by three men while riding his mountain bike in South Africa. Fortunately, the whole thing was captured by the victim’s GoPro camera attached to his helmet.

“MTB ride on Saturday 31st May 2014 from Ongegund, last few km’s before end of session,” the video description reads. “Armed gunman and 2 others stopped myself and took cellphone, car keys, oakleys and bike. Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their prosecution!”

The robbery occurred without any actual violence. However, as points out, things could have gone south very quickly and the victim would have had no way to defend himself.

According to, a report posted on eNCA (eNews Channel Africa) states that the cyclists name is Malcolm Fox. The three suspects involved in the crime have been apprehended and appeared in court yesterday.

“Thorough investigation work led investigators to the suspects with the help of footage recorded with a camera which was mounted on the cyclist’s helmet,” said Western Cape police spokesman Andre Traut. “The first suspect aged 22 was arrested on Sunday at his residence in Sir Lowry’s Pass and a Luger firearm was seized. The same day another 22 year old suspect was arrested, also in Sir Lowry’s pass.”

The third suspect was apprehended on Monday. Fox’s belongings were recovered and the three men have been charged with robbery.

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