Seal Beach Police and Joyful Child Foundation are teaming up for a children's self-defense program

Police in Seal Beach, Calif. is teaming up with the Joyful Child Foundation to bring the BE BRAVE program to Seal Beach.

According to the Orange County Breeze, BE BRAVE is a 90-minute program for girls and boys in grades K through 6 which is meant to give participants the verbal and physical skills to defend themselves against sexual abuse, violence, and abduction.

Designed by Erin Runnion, the BE BRAVE program gives students “the ability to recognize potential dangers, verbalize discomfort or a need for help, and physically resist abduction, assault, or violence,” the Breeze says.

The BE BRAVE program costs $25. Classes will be held once a month beginning in June. Go to for information about scheduling and registration.

The Joyful Child Foundation was established in memory of Samantha Runnion, a five-year-old who was kidnapped and murdered in 2002.

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