Pistolero Moving Target Kit
Pistolero Moving Target Kit

Practice shooting at stationary targets is basic and a requirement, but most of the targets that field shooters see are constantly in motion. Now, the end user has the opportunity to practice shooting at moving targets with the release of the new Pistolero Moving Target Laser Practice Shooting System. Check out the video below for a closer look at this system.

The basic “Moving Target Kit” gives the shooter the opportunity to laser-shoot his own gun at home in tactical or instinct situations at targets set for fast or slow speeds duplicating many field conditions. Practicing accurate fast target acquisition is the key to success in life threatening or hunting situations when muscle memory is the sole provider of accurate and fast shooting. Ammunition expenditure and trips to the range are eliminated while practice continues whenever the shooter is ready.

The Pistolero comes with 5 caliber inserts–22, 357/9mm, 40, 44 and 45. In addition, a Red Laser shooter for the 12 gauge shotgun and .223 and .308 rifles are available with the kit.

In addition to the standard 5 Caliber Pistolero set is the LaserPro moving target projector which projects targets from any direction at any speed. This projector sets up anywhere and allows the shooter to duplicate a variety of tactical worst case scenarios or field situations.

The Pistolero Moving Target Kit is available at a price of $575.00 directly from the manufacturer, Robert Louis Co, Inc, and is 100% made in the USA. Robert Louis Company, Inc. manufactures indoor laser practice systems for pistol, shotgun and rifle shooters. For more information, visit http://www.pistolaser.com.

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