ProTecht, an Oklahoma-based company which manufactures protective products for individuals operating in a number of different environments, has unveiled the new Bodyguard Blanket. Watch the videos below to learn more about this new product.

According to the official website, the Bodyguard Blanket was specifically designed for two functions: as a bullet resistant body cover to protect an individual against the weapons commonly used in school shootings, and as a protective body cover to be utilized during tornadoes and other dangerous weather events.

The Bodyguard blanket is made of two advanced ballistic materials that provide a level of protection consistent with Level IIIA armor, which is the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard used for law enforcement body armor in the United States. The company says it has conducted extensive research which shows that the Bodyguard Blanket protects against 90% of weapons used in school shootings in the United States. The blanket absorbs the bullet’s energy, which lessens blunt force trauma to the body. Laboratory testing by ProTecht revealed that the Bodyguard Blanket is capable of absorbing approximately 490 – 660 joules of energy, or 361-486 foot pound force. As the bullet enters the blanket, it “catches” and deforms the bullet within the blanket’s layers.

This blanket can also be used for protection against dangerous weather events. According to ProTecht, the blanket is capable of resisting penetration of flying debris moving in excess of 200mph, a feat achieved by material properties which can withstand even the strongest rotating tornado winds. The company recommends using the blanket when a shelter is not available. The orange color makes it ideal for search and rescue operations.

The Bodyguard Blanket by ProTecht is thin and lightweight, allowing for a quick-fit during emergencies. It is available in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large, which means it can be easily fastened around a child or an adult.

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