A new self-defense class in Evansville was taught by local police. (Photo: http://www.nycquestdojo.com)

Residents of Evansville, Indiana had the opportunity to participate a self-defense class designed specifically for women.

According to 14 News, officers from the Princeton Police Department hosted the class, which teaches women techniques for defending themselves during a dangerous situation.

The class had 10 students, which included local residents, staff members and volunteers. It took place at Holly’s House in Evansville.

Sophia Blaha of the Albion Fellows Bacon Center told 14 News that these classes have occurred in the past, but not recently.

“We had a resident come in and said this really gives her a little bit of empowerment,” says Blaha. “She just feels a little bit better having those tools in her belt so this is what we’re hoping that we just give one extra tool to help escape, another safety measure.”

Blaha said she already feels safer after taking the class.

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