Milt Sparks Holsters is one of the longest standing and most respected holster manufacturers today. Professionals from all over the world use Milt Sparks holsters, and many will use no other. For many, leather is the only way to carry, and it remains a favorite among many seasoned pistol carriers. One of my first quality leather holsters was a Milt Sparks Summer Special purchased at Thunder Ranch Texas more than 15 years ago. It carried many 1911 pistols for years, and it is still being used daily by the officer who it was gifted to a few years ago. Recent testing of the company’s new Nexus design with my custom Colt Delta Elite proved Milt Sparks’ quality remains stellar while it continues to add innovation in design. The quality of that holster prompted me to call the company when it was time to get a working setup for my Sig Sauer P226 Elite SAO.

As I was passing through Boise, after attending a Midwest Training Group (MTG) class, I stopped at the Milt Sparks shop. Jim Wall and owner Tony Kanaley provided a quick tour of the facilities and a sneak peek at my holster. Kanaley has been with Milt Sparks Holsters since 1983. Most of the holsters offered today are his designs. He currently employs a crew of five craftsmen who build these high-quality holsters. These men work diligently to craft the finest in leather holsters and magazine pouches. Each holster is made start to finish by one craftsman using machines as well as hand tooling. This process continues the legacy of craftsmanship begun by Milt Sparks so many years ago.

While the designs are modern, the materials and much of the construction remain unchanged from the past. Many of the machines are 100-year-old designs that continue to work perfectly. The leather is primarily cowhide, horsehide and sharkskin and real pistols are used for the molds. Milt Sparks Holsters remain popular with those carrying revolvers and Tony Kanaley has several designs accommodating wheelgun fans.

Enjoy some pictures of the Milt Sparks shop, the craftsmen at work, and a sneak peek at my Versa Max 2 (VM-2) holster. Look for a more detailed review of this holster, along with a 55BN, a magazine and light pouch, along with a belt.

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