A Rape Aggression Defense course is being offered in Lima, Ohio.
A Rape Aggression Defense course is being offered in Lima, Ohio.

Women in Lima, Ohio have the opportunity to participate in a six-week RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Women’s Basic Self Defense Course which is being taught by retired Lima police officer Dave Vastano and his wife Deb.

According to the Lima News, the course is free and open to any women aged 13 years old and up. It takes place at the Lima Public Library on Market Street in Lima.

The course will start with students being taught awareness, prevention, risk avoidance and risk reduction. After that, they’ll learn and practice basic self-defense techniques — including how to do a palm strike, high elbow, low hammer, hammer fist, snap kick, head butt, and more — on a volunteer using protective equipment.

“Years ago, women were told not to fight back. That was one of the worst things ever said,” Vastano said. “Guys don’t expect you to fight. Most people think that a woman can’t defend herself against a man. That’s a myth.”

Both Vastano and his wife are certified RAD instructors with years of experience in teaching self-defense courses, the Lima News said.

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