Shooter's Choice Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner
Shooter's Choice Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner

Shooter’s Choice continues their winning streak of effective gun cleaning products in 2014 with the release of their new Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner, which is a unique, concentrated, environmentally friendly formula that is non-flammable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.

This bore cleaner removes all types of fouling, including copper fouling, lead fouling, powder fouling in rifles, plastic shotgun wad fouling, handguns and black powder. It is water-soluble and harmless to all finishes. It also has no harsh chemical odor and contains no ammonia or solvents. This easy-to-use item is completely safe for all rifles, handguns and black powder firearms.

“Our customers wanted an environmentally friendly way to clean and we believe this is the product they will use,” said Joe Ventimiglia, Ventco President.

The Shooter’s Choice Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner comes in either a 4 oz bottle or a one gallon plastic container. Manufacturer suggested retail price for the bottle is $11.94, while the one gallon container is available for $108.94. See below for additional details.

Features and Advantages: Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner

  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Quickly Removes all types of fouling: Copper fouling, Lead fouling, Powder fouling in rifles, Plastic Shotgun Wad fouling, Handguns and Black Powder fouling.
  • Water based: Contains no ammonia or solvents.
  • No harsh chemical odor.
  • Completely safe to use on all firearm finishes.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water-soluble for easy clean up.

For more information about the Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner, and the full range of products offered by Shooter’s Choice, please visit

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