Photo Credit: Revved Up Kids
Photo Credit: Revved Up Kids

Revved Up Kids, an organization which offers comprehensive self-defense classes for children and teenagers, will host a single session class at Northside Hospital’s Alpharetta Medical Campus in Alpharetta, Georgia on June 17. According to, the class is designed for children ages 6-10 and their parents.

According to, Revved Up Kids helps children recognize dangerous people, how to avoid unsafe situations, and escape an attack. Statistically, children armed with this knowledge are more likely to fight back and escape from danger.

The session in Alpharetta is the ‘Basic Class’ which features videos, full-force training and the practice of basic defensive techniques. The class is approximately three hours long. Parents will attend with their children, and they’ll also receive a comprehensive safety resource packet with more information.

“The Revved Up Kids Basic class is specifically designed for children ages 6 – 10 (1st – 5th grade),” their website states. “We teach the course in a way that helps the children understand the seriousness of the subject matter, but we leave them feeling empowered, not fearful. Why ages 6 – 10? This is a suggested age and we allow parents to make enrollment decisions for their children; however, children younger than 6 may be frightened by the material in the presentation; and children older than 10 typically face a different set of safety challenges.”

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