Foothills Firearms Training Center offers free concealed carry permit training classes for victims of domestic violence

A gun range in South Carolina is offering free CCW permit classes to victims of domestic violence who can provide valid court-issued restraining orders.

According to Fox Carolina, the Foothills Firearms Training Center in Liberty has trained hundreds of men and women who have a restraining order against a spouse and are looking to protect themselves.

“For years we’ve been either No. 1 or No. 2 in the nation in the number of women that are killed each year by domestic partners,” said owner Larry Smith. The reason, he says, is limitations in federal law.

Fox Carolina cites, which says “Federal law prohibiting subjects of protective orders from purchasing or possessing firearms and ammunition applies only if the protective order was issued after notice to the abuser and a hearing.”

Therefore, Smith felt compelled to offer free CCW permit classes for domestic violence victims.

“Whatever their level of concern is for their safety, they’re gonna get what they need,” Smith said.

The Foothills Firearms Training Center also offers CCW training classes for veterans and service members, Fox Carolina said.

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