LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser
LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser

In late 2013, LaserMax introduced the world’s first green guide rod laser sight for Glock autopistols. Offering users the same dependability and ease of installation as LaserMax’s original Red Guide Rod Laser, the Green Guide Rod Laser improves daytime visibility and usability in adverse temperatures. Containing a powerful, 5-milliwatt green laser diode, the guide rod has a continuous battery life of 1 hour and weighs just 1 ounce. Factory-aligned at 20 yards with Glock’s fixed sights, the Green Guide Rod Laser requires no zeroing after installation. The sight’s included ambidextrous Controlled Activation switch makes turning on the laser a simple matter of toggling the replacement take-down lever.

Testing the sight, I was very impressed with its performance. On a bright winter day, I could easily see the laser’s pulsating green dot when I pointed it at objects 25 to 30 yards distant. The dot aligned perfectly with my Glock 22’s fixed sights at 20 yards. And, since the unit is completely internal, I could still use my normal holster. According to LaserMax, the Green Guide Rod Laser Sight exceeds mil-spec and Homeland Security durability test standards; in any case, the laser sight comes with a 5-year warranty.

A laser sight is not only intimidating; it also allows the shooter to better identify and more rapidly engage targets.

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