Renowned survival expert Tim Ralston has unveiled his latest product, the Recon 6 Watch, an all-inclusive utility watch. After spending two years in research and development, Ralston has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to completion. Check out the videos below for more information.

The full-featured Recon 6 Watch includes a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face, phosphorent hour and minute hands, a rotating bezel ring, and enhanced date window. This watch also comes with a compass, a can & bottle opener, a signaling mirror, a fire starter, a whistle and a cutting tool. Simply put, this is a great survival tool for outdoorsmen.

“I created the Recon 6 Watch to tackle the unexpected and perform multiple tasks,” Ralston says on the Kickstarter page. “Inspired by the desire to always be prepared, a cross between the Swiss Army Knife and MacGyver will take this multi-featured watch to a whole new level. After months of hard work, my idea is almost ready to become a reality.”

See below for more information.

Features: Recon 6 Watch

  • Scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face is treated with an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare
  • Phosphorent hour and minute hands
  • Rotating bezel ring for time reminders
  • Enhanced date window
  • Multi-Tool
  • Sheep hook design for dressing out small game
  • Highest quality steel – 316L
  • Embedded in watch band
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Fire Striker
  • Signaling mirror up to 25 miles away
  • Fire Steel fire starter up to 5,000 fire starts
  • Rescue aluminum whistle
  • 25 ft. of 25 lbs braided fishing line with 2 small fish hooks
  • Magnifying glass for unlimited fire starts in sunny conditions
  • Military grade, EMP proof, liquid fill compass
  • LED flashlight
  • High intensity white light fully charged is capable of navigation up to 20 ft
  • Impact-resistant lens

For more information about the Recon 6 Watch, please visit

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