A real safe room can provide shelter from many types of calamities including armed intruders, severe storms, tornadoes or even earthquakes. Of course, every home is different, and accommodating a safe room where you live can involve some creative thinking and construction. VaultPro USA, however, has pioneered a scalable solution to this problem.

The company’s modular storm and tornado shelter/safe room is designed to withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour and offers direct missile resistance of a 15-pound, 2×4 board traveling at 100 mph. Each section is built using quarter-inch-thick reinforced steel and comes in a range designed to fit inside most closets and rooms. The entire safe room/shelter can also be made fire resistant with ceramic fireproofing rated to 2,300 Fahrenheit and the vault door can be sealed to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical threats.

The front section includes the vault door, which comes with an 18-bolt locking mechanism and digital locks for fast access. From the inside there is a simple release that anyone can use to exit. The door can also be designed to swing in or out, which is valuable if there is a concern with debris blocking an outward swinging door.

For anyone who may be uncomfortable in a safe room with only one way in or out, VaultPro USA also manufactures custom escape hatches that can be added to any safe room. These hatches will accommodate one person at a time and can be installed with top or bottom access with a ladder or on the sides of the safe room for horizontal egress.

All of the company’s products carry a lifetime warranty against defects, break-ins or fire damages.

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