Vulture Equipment Works, an Illinois-based manufacturer of a wide range of adventure accessories, has announced the release of their A4 strap. Dubbed “The Big Bastard” in professional circles, the A4 is quickly becoming the flagship adventure strap from Vulture Equipment Works. This strap can attach to a variety of different gear, including binoculars, bows, lighting equipment, hard travel cases and more.

Designed to resist large loads, the A4 transitions from a dual point carry to single point sling style carry in a matter of seconds. According to Vulture’s website, it also has an adjustable aluminum military grade quick release — which is the same one used by Special Operations forces — and a safety wire component which prevents the end user from accidentaly activating the quick release during regular street use.

At an overall length of just over 70″, the A4 can accommodate virtually any rigging style. The lower risers have enough strap length to wrap around a 1-1/2” diameter pipe.

Built to last, the A4 features aviation grade US Military webbing, and all stitching is twice that of US Mil-Spec. The webbing is form fitting and distributes the weight over the end user’s entire body, rather than the collar bone, which is how a typical strap works.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the A4 strap is $179.99.

In addition to the A4, Vulture manufactures the A2 and A2T strap, as well as lower riser set. For more information about the A4 strap, and the full range of products currently offered by Vulture Equipment Works, please visit

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