Wilson Combat has released their new Pancake Pro holster, which combines the retention and speed of a pancake holster with the adjustability of a modular rig for the ultimate in concealed carry comfort.

Designed for the full size and compact 1911 and the Glock 17 & 19, the Wilson Combat Pancake Pro boasts a number of appealing features, including kydex-leather/black sharkskin Thermo-laminate construction, which involves using the Thermo-laminate process to permanently bond a stiff piece of thermoplastic to a protective suede lining. This process ensures that the holster will retain its shape over time. Other features include a user-friendly cant adjustment, an open bottom construction, a high cut which allows for a full combat style grip on the draw stroke, and a sight track to prevent sight rubbing.

The Wilson Combat Pancake Pro holster is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $74.95 and $114.95, depending on the model. See below for additional details.

Features: Wilson Combat Pancake Pro Holster

  • Kydex-leather Thermo-laminate construction for hard wearing construction and good looks
  • Synthetic suede lined to protect your firearm’s finish
  • Winged, pancake style construction for enhanced belt stability
  • High cut to enable a full combat style grip on the draw stroke
  • Comfort enhancing body shield that covers your safety
  • Generous sight track to prevent sight rubbing
  • User Adjustable holster cant from straight up and down or FBI style cant
  • User adjustable draw tension for total security
  • Open bottom construction
  • Meets IDPA holster criteria

For more information about the Pancake Pro Holster, and the full range of products currently offered by Wilson Combat, please visit

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