The armed citizen who shot and killed a man while he was violently assaulting a 60-year-old man has been questioned by police and released.

An armed citizen in Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania, fatally shot a suspect who was participating in the robbery and beating of his 60-year-old neighbor on Friday.

According to the Reading Eagle (via, Florencio Roman-Quinones, 27, approached the 60-year-old man in front of his house at about 10 p.m. Thursday. Roman-Quinones assaulted the man, taking his jewelry and car keys before leaving.

As Roman-Quinones was known to the victim and some of the neighbors who witnessed the attack, an arrest warrant was obtained for assault and robbery.

As the police report states, the victim remained outside of his house to watch his car due to the fact that his car keys had been stolen.

Later that night, Roman-Quinones returned to the block accompanied by Christopher Vazquez, 24, and another man. Roman-Quinones argued with the victim about calling the police and began assaulting the victim again. This time, Vazquez joined in.

A neighbor, who has not been identified, saw the commotion and yelled for the suspects to stop beating the victim. However, they did not stop.

The neighbor retrieved his gun and proceeded to fire one shot, hitting Vazquez in the chest.

Roman-Quinones and Vazquez managed to get to their car and start driving to the hospital. The erratic driving of the vehicle attracted the attention of police, who pursued the duo all the way to the front of the hospital.

Roman-Quinones was arrested and Vazquez was taken inside to be treated.

As the Reading Eagle reports, Roman-Quinones was arraigned and committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $250,000 bail. Vazquez died in the emergency room.

The neighbor who shot Vazquez was interviewed by police and district attorney John T. Adams at City Hall.

“The shooting remains under investigation, but we let the man go home,” Adams said. “At this point, the shooting appears to be justified.”

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