Chisolm's Trail: ASL W.A.S.P. Neck Knife
Chisolm's Trail: ASL W.A.S.P. Neck Knife

The brand new ASL (Air, Sea, Land) W.A.S.P. Neck Knife by Chisholm’s Trail is a handy blade which may be worn around the neck of the end user in a kydex sheath with a “break away” 550 para cord collar for a comfortable concealed carry experience.

According to Chisholm’s website, this knife is 7″ long and 1 1/8″ wide. It boasts a blade thickness of 3/16″, so you know this is one serious tool. The handle of the knife has counter sunk cutouts which help to reduce weight. If desired, the end user can easily apply handle panels. This knife also has the same Rockwell 57 hardness and grind as Chisholm’s line of Tactical/Survival knives.

The kydex Shadow sheath which comes with this knife can be worn either around the neck, or, with the belt attachment, horizontally and vertically in over 20 different positions. When using this knife, you know you will experience the quality and performance which has become synonymous with Chisholm’s Trail. It comes in standard Mil Spec Desert Tan Hummer Powder coat, Tanker Grey, Black, O.D. and a variety of other colors.

“We have several and keep one in the glove compartment, one in our “Bug Out” bag, and one with our survival supplies,” Chisholm’s Trail writes on their website.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the ASL W.A.S.P. Neck Knife is $79.95.

For more information about the ASL W.A.S.P. Neck Knife, and the full range of products currently offered by Chisholm’s Trail, please visit

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