Shooter's Choice: Universal Gun Care Pack
Shooter's Choice: Universal Gun Care Pack

Shooter’s Choice has responded to customer demand and released the Universal Gun Care Pack, a special kit of Shooter’s Choice products designed to clean, lubricate and protect firearms. This combo pack includes the MC #7 Bore Cleaner, a one-step concentrated solvent for cleaning and conditioning handguns, rifles and shotguns, the FP-10 Lubricant, a metal treatment which dramatically increases lubricity between moving parts with no build-up or change in tolerances, and Rust Prevent, an anti-oxidant moisture displacing agent engineered to preserve all gun metals.

“Together, these three products will Clean, Lubricate and Protect your valuable firearms better than anything else on the market today.” explained Joe Ventimiglia, president of Ventco. Joe added, “Each has been formulated and developed to excel in the job that it was designed to do.”

MSRP for the Universal Gun Care Pack from Shooter’s Choice is $21.49.

Features: Shooter’s Choice MC #7 Firearms Bore Cleaner

  • Safe-Quick-Easy
  • Conditions bore for impact accuracy on first shot.
  • Seasons bore to resist fouling build-up.
  • Non-Abrasive-harmless to the bore surface.
  • Maintains accuracy in new firearms.
  • Restores accuracy in old firearms.
  • Prolongs barrel life.
  • Removes all types of fouling, powder, carbon, lead, copper, plastic shotgun wads.

Features: FP-10 Lubricant Elite

  • Dramatically increases lubricity between moving parts with no build up or tolerance changes.
  • Used by U.S. Special forces.
  • Out performs Teflon based products Reduces friction and wear.
  • Protects against metal damage.
  • Eliminates most malfunctions.
  • Use on firearms, auto, fishing tackle, Household, marine, shop, sports equipment.

Features: Rust Prevent

  • Superior anti oxidant that displaces moisture and engineered to preserve all firearms metals.
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, fingerprints and body acids, pitting, and salt air.
  • Penetrates, non corrosive, lubricates, ultra thin film, prevents electrolysis Use for, firearms, auto, fishing tackle, Sports equipment, shop, Marine, Industrial.

For more information about the Universal Gun Care Pack, and the full range of products currently offered by Shooter’s Choice, please visit

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