New York-based holster manufacturer DeSantis Gunhide has announced five new holster fits for the Sig Sauer P320C: the Thumb Break Scabbard, the Speed Scabbard, the Pro Stealth, the Tuck-This II, and the Apache Ankle Rig. Read a full rundown of the features of each holster below, via the DeSantis press release.

Thumb Break Scabbard: The firearm rides high and is presented at an optimum draw angle. Its thumb break and exact molding, together with a tension device, allows for a secure and highly concealable carry. This picture illustrates the three-slot model. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. Available in black or tan leather, with or without suede lining, plain or basket-weave finish. Retail price is $72.99.

The Speed Scabbard: The Speed Scabbard is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring a holster without a thumb break while still providing firearm retention. This is accomplished with precise molding and tension screw device on most models. Available in black or tan unlined leather. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. Retail price is $72.99.

The Pro Stealth: Made of heavily padded 1050D black senior Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth, this holster comes with a 1 3/4″ sturdy, powder coated black spring clip. It keeps this beauty securely anchored to your belt. The clip may be removed and inserted on opposite side for left hand carry. A spare magazine pouch is standard for auto loader models. Optional thumb break is available separately, style N99. Retail price is $38.99.

Tuck-This II: This holster is built from heavily padded 1050D black senior Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth. The tuckable 3600TM clip can swing from cross draw to FBI-strong side carry, and even the small of the back. The tab allows the shirt to be tucked down in between the gun and trousers affording nearly total concealment. Auto loader versions of this holster will have a magazine pouch built into the front holster spine. Retail price is $39.99 .

Apache Ankle Rig: A 5” wide elasticized leg band largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters. All semi-auto models feature an adjustable hook/loop thumb break. Optional C14 ankle support strap is available. Retail price is $54.99.

For more information about the five new holster fits for the Sig Sauer P320C, and the full range of products currently offered by DeSantis Gunhide, please visit

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