The innovative, titanium, double-barreled DoubleTap pocket pistol weighs 15 ounces, measures 5.5 inches in overall length, 3.9 inches in height and disappears in a pocket. The barrels are interchangeable (my test DoubleTap came with both 9mm and .45 ACP barrel sets), and they’re attached to the frame by a single hinge pin—similar to those used to mount the upper receiver on an AR-15—and locked in place by a lug integral with the barrels. For loading or reloading, an ambidextrous thumb latch on the side of the gun is pulled to the rear and the barrels automatically tilt upward, driven by an internal stainless steel spring. The DoubleTap couldn’t be any easier to use.

What makes the DoubleTap ideal for concealed carry is its enclosed action. Except for the trigger and thumb latch, all of the other moving parts are permanently sealed inside the fire control grip housing. There is virtually no maintenance necessary outside of cleaning the barrels and recoil shield, and wiping down the exterior after firing. Inside the grip frame, the back of trigger operates against a lever and ratchet that cycle two spring-tensioned strikers hitting internal hammers in rotation. The lower third of the grip is a storage compartment with a hinged cover where two additional rounds on a speed strip can be kept for quick reloading. Externally, the DoubleTap is tough as nails, with a hardcoat anodized matte black finish.

The double-action-only (DAO) trigger has a 15-pound pull and travels 0.5 inches with a quick reset. With a little practice, the first 0.25 inches can be taken up as soon as the trigger finger engages, leaving the rest of the trigger pull around 5.5 pounds. Shooting at a B-27 target from 25 feet at the range, I was able to put the majority of my shots into the 10 and X rings with the 9mm barrels. It is more challenging to shoot as accurately with the .45 ACP barrel set, but all shots still hit within the target’s center mass. I prefer the 9mm barrels for accuracy, and DoubleTap also offers .45 Colt/.410 gauge and .40 S&W barrel sets. The DoubleTap is ideally suited to its solitary purpose as a two-shot defensive pistol that can deliver large-caliber stopping power in the smallest possible package.

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