Femme Fatale Holsters — a Texas-based manufacturer of elegant concealed carry solutions for women — has released a line of lace corset holsters.

As the website points out, the embroidered lace covers 6″ wide corset elastic which fits comfortably below your bra. This corset holster features a front padded pocket which conceals the firearm, and the garment’s tension keeps it nestled snugly against the body. The breathable, waterproof material in the pocket keep perspiration and body oils off the weapon. Another appealing feature is the fact that open pocket accommodates a number of different guns and allows for ambidextrous draw. The back comes with lingerie hook and eye closures, with three rows of eyes for the perfect fit.

The lace corset holster from Femme Fatale Holsters comes in six different colors: Noir, Au Naturale, Lipstick, Blush, Blanc and Risque. The MSRP is $89.00.

Features: Femme Fatale Corset Holsters

* Does not attach to your bra. Wear it with any type bra, sports bra, or without.
* No additional weight on your shoulder straps. Bra holsters add weight to the bra straps and strain to your shoulders.
* Flatters your figure. The corset holster provides light abdominal support. Bra holsters may cause the breasts to appear lopsided.
* Wider and stronger than most belly bands.
* Uses bra closures instead of velcro, for a more comfortable and secure fit.
* No additional holster wear on the finish of your gun. Kydex holsters can create wear spots on your gun.

Femme Fatale Holsters manufactures a high-quality line of elegant concealed carry holsters for women. For more information about the garter holster, and the full range of products currently offered by Femme Fatale, please visit

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