Hyskore, a New York-based manufacturer of shooting accessories, has released the Compact Revolver Grip Light.

Designed for Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolvers, the Grip Light is not a conventional add-on, such as lights attached to an accessory rail or frame. As Hyskore’s website points out, this product is a complete replacement grip assembly which houses the circuitry, the battery, and a light module powered by a CREE LED diode which offers 100 lumens of light in a focused beam. The frame itself boasts a die cast aluminum construction. It is also lightweight (4.2 oz) and has tactile thermoplastic rubber (TPR) inserts in addition to diamond checkering in the aluminum, which provides the end user with a comfortable surface and enhanced traction.

“Not only is the aluminum light weight and strong, it also acts as a heat sink to wick away the heat generated by the LED,” Hyskore’s product listing reads. “This allows the light to be on for extended periods without excessive heat buildup.”

Developed in response to feedback from law enforcement officers, many of whom said that having a firearm and an illumination device in the same hand would be advantageous in a variety of different situations, the Grip Light is a great accessory for the J Frame. It fits into any pocket, as well as a majority of holsters currently available in the marketplace. It is designed for both law enforcement and civilian applications.

For more information about Hyskore’s Compact Revolver Grip Light, and the full range of products currently offered by Hyskore, please visit

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