Idaho's enhanced CCW permit is becoming more popular. (Photo:
Idaho's enhanced CCW permit is becoming more popular. (Photo:

Idaho’s enhanced concealed carry weapons (CCW) license is gaining in popularity.

According to the Idaho Press-Tribune, applications for the standard license — which require a classroom-based firearm safety course and a background check — have been trending downward since the introduction of the enhanced license last July.

Debbie McRae, supervisor at Canyon County’s Department of Motor Vehicles — which processes concealed weapon license applications — said that they have received 850 standard applications since July 1, 2013, compared to 478 for the enhanced license. Recently, however, the enhanced has overtaken the standard in terms of the number of applications per month.

Those figures do not include the 1,475 renewal applications for the standard license processed over the past year.

“We’re really starting to see an increase in (enhanced license applications),” McRae said. “I think one of the biggest hindrances is the cost of the training. And currently there are only five additional states that recognize the enhanced, and so people are weighing their options. Is it worth $150 to take the training just to go to five additional states? And there’s really only two states that are close.”

As the Idaho Press-Tribune points out, those with an enhanced license can carry a firearm onto public university campuses in some areas. The law went into effect on July 1.

An enhanced license also gives the user the option to carry a concealed weapon in five additional states: Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington. Those states are in addition to the 26 states which already recognize Idaho’s standard license.

According to the Press-Herald, Idaho recognizes concealed weapon licenses from all states.

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