Holster superstore IDF Holsters is expanding their selection of over 3,000 holster models by offering three Front Line holsters designed to fit handguns equipped with Crimson Trace lasergrips: the Deep Concealment Tuckable Holster, the Front Pocket Leather Holster, and the Hidden-Inner Waistband Tuckable Leather Holster with Teflon Lining.

According to, the Deep Concealment Tuckable Holster provides total concealment of the pistol. It is designed to be worn inside the waistband under a tucked-in shirt. To draw the pistol, simply lift the shirt with your non-firing hand while gripping the pistol with your firing hand. It can be purchased for $73.75 on

The Front Pocket Leather Holster is a molded leather holster for carry in pants or skirt front pockets or for jacket pockets. This holster allows for a clean, unhindered draw. It keeps the pistol in a stable and consistent position while remaining in the pocket. In addition, the tanned leather will not bleed dye into the pocket, and the holster’s shape disguises the pistol’s outline. Retail price is $32.50 on

Lastly, the Inner Waistband Tuckable Leather Holster is a teflon-lined holster which provides a smooth and fast draw. Similar to the Deep Concealment Tuckable Holster, this holster is designed to be worn inside waistband under a tucked-in shirt. It is available for $64.80 at

As the press release notes, Crimson Trace laser grips provide responsible firearms owners with a decisive aiming advantage that is reliable, ergonomic and simple to use-making confident and better shooters.

“Once again, we have a jump on the competition with our ability to meet market demands quickly and efficiently by developing custom holster molds for every carry scenario,” said Shmuel Shachar, Front Line’s CEO.

For more information about Front Line’s Crimson Trace Compatible Holsters, and the full range of products currently offered by Front Line Holsters, please visit

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