Inline Fabrication — a company that provides precision, quality equipment to the reloading community — offers a line of 3/16 steel risers called the Ultramount. The Ultramount lifts the end user’s press up 9 58″ to bring the shellplate closer to their eyes. They come with an accessible storage tray and are coated in Black powdercoat.

According to Inline’s website, the modular design allows it to fit virtually any reloading press available today. Therefore, if the user decides to change presses, or use one Ultramount for multiple presses, they can easily swap the top plate to the new press. The top plates come in the same Black powdercoat, and include the hardware necessary to attach the new press.

The standard variant is 12″ wide, 11.5″ deep and 9 58″ tall. Inline Fabrication also offers a six-inch tall Junior and a four-inch tall Micro option. Each of these have the same 316″ thick steel construction as the standard. Using these two variants helps get your press to the optimum height to increase your comfort and lengthen your reloading sessions.

If bench space is an issue, Inline Fabrication also offers their Quick Change base plate, which “attaches to the top of both the original Ultramount or Junior Ultramount, and converts the mounting system to utilize the quick change top plate system,” their website states.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the standard Ultramount is $75.00. The Junior and Micro Ultramounts both retail for $65.00.

For more information about the Ultramount, and the full range of products currently offered by Inline Fabrication, please visit

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